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Tran Phu Electric Mechanical Joint Stock Company was established in 1984, today is one of the leading prestigious enterprises in the field of wires and cables production in Vietnam.

We are the only wires and cable brand in Vietnam which was awarded “New Millennium” prize – an European award for best quality product, in 2006 in Paris (France), also we are the only wires and cable producer in the North, who has been certified with Vietnam Value Award, and many other awards like: High quality Vietnamese products for 7 consecutive years (2009-2016); Top 20 golden products of integreation period Cetificate in 2010; Top 500 biggest enterprize in Vietnam – VNR 500 Certificate in 2011; Top 10 well known Asean product & service brand in 2016. The company has been honored by The Government and the State with “Labor hero medal”, “third class independent Medal”, “First and Second class Labor medal”; Best quality Golden cup…..

With a long history of over 30 years of development, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC has always been a pioneer in applying advanced technique and technology from European countries as well as using strictly selected raw materials from the most prestigious supplier in Vietnam and all over the world, with copper content of 99,999% purity; alluminium content of 99,97% purity, non toxic, environmentally friendly PVC and XPLE. All of the company products were produced on a close production line, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality control system, under the supervision of high quality, skilled and expericened workers and technicians who have been properly trained and received technology transfer from leading and advanced industrial countries in the world.

Products of Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC have been certified with Vietnam Standard (TVCV) by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality; also meet with European Standard (IEC/DIN/VDE); American Standard (UL, ASTM); Japanese standard (JIS); this is the key for products of Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC to penetrate global electrical construction market chain.

Products of Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC carry distinguished value: “Good conduct-Safety-Saving electricity-Low-losses-Durable- Non-poisonous” worth the guiding principle: “Quality-Innovation-Creation-Pioneer capacity”.

The company’s products includes:

Building wire

Round copper wire

Low voltage power cables

Bare aluminum wire

Bare copper cable

Bare aluminum cable

PVC insulating aluminum cable Voltage 0.6/1kV

Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable

for overhead transmission line (ACSR)

PVC insulating copper cable

Voltage 0.6/1kV

PVC insulating twisted overhead copper cable

Voltage 0.6/1kV