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Changes, reach new heights

With more than 30 years of development history, to respond to the trust of customers, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC will continue to build and grow the company, expand and modernize production capacity, apply the best service and business policy in order to affirm our leading position in the field of electric wires and cables production in Vietnam.

Stable, remain market position

Board of Directors and all staff and employee of the company has put a lot of effort to maintain stability during economic recession, and to maintain market leadership position with high quality products and services

Grow & develop

Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of electric wires and cables production, with modern equipment and advanced technology. The Company is also a major and prestigious supplier of raw materials for wire and cable production nationwide.

Went through difficulties

Overcoming the difficulties of the transition of macroeconomic management model, the Company has diverted production and business, invested new technology and equipment, became an enterprise which specialized in electrical wires and cables production. This was a company’s breakthrough which created foundation for the company’s later development


On October 1984, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC (formerly known as Tran Phu Engineering Construction Enterprise) was established. This is the foundation of a leading company in the field of electrical wires and cables production in Vietnam in the future.